Storage Prices

Cubic Meters Cubic Feet Price per Week Estimated Property Sizes
Up to 6 Up to 250 17.00 Studio Flat
6 to 12 250 to 500 30.00 One Bedroom
12 to 18 500 to 750 43.00 Two Bedroom
18 to 24 750 to 1000 55.00 Three Bedroom
24 to 30 1000 to 1250 65.00 Four Bedroom
30 to 36 1250 to 1500 75.00 Five Bedroom

The table is based on UK average property siezes guidance. Please note that there is a two weeks minimum charge. Prices may vary according to clients requirements. Prices are subject to VAT.

One Bedroom Two Bedroom Three Bedroom Four Bedroom Five Bedroom
One Bedroom Two bedrooms Three Bedrooms Four Bedrooms Five Bedrooms

Why store with Man Van London

Here at Man Van London we are focused on offering our customers integrated services. Our service includes packing your belongings, geting items ready for storage, keeping records of items, removing and storing your goods into our facilities.

Flexible Storage

From single items to full home or commercial contents, Man Van London provides you with short and long-term storage options. Facilities are clean, secure and prices will suit your budget.

Please note: due to health and safety reasons, customers are not permited to visit storage facility.